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Same Day Crowns in Forney, TX

If You’re Looking for a CEREC® same day crown in Forney, TX, Call Mirror Lake Dentistry - Forney.

With the CEREC®, getting a crown takes only one visit to our Forney, TX office instead of the traditional two to three weeks.

After creating a scan of your mouth using advanced 3D imaging, we create a matched custom crown out of natural ceramic that can be placed the same day during your visit. Same day crowns mean restoring your smile without taking extra time off from work or school.

Benefits of CEREC® Same Day Crowns:

  • Less time at our office (1 visit instead of 2)
  • Highly precise digital dental impressions
  • Minimally invasive, no trays with messy putty
  • No temporary tooth crown needed
  • Reflect light just like your natural teeth

Anyone who is a candidate for a traditional crown can typically receive a CEREC® same day crown in our Forney, TX office. It takes just a few minutes for us to take a digital impression of your teeth. Then, we prepare your tooth to receive its new crown. Often, this requires we remove a portion of the enamel so the tooth will fit well beneath the dental crown. After we design your crown, you’ll get to relax for a bit while the CEREC® machine creates it. Once it is ready, we’ll verify that the fit is perfect before we attach it to your tooth.

Same Day Crowns FAQ

How long does a same day crown take?

Typically, a single dental office visit is all that is needed. We can prepare your tooth for a crown, fabricated the crown, and placed it all at once. On average you will spend around 2 hours to complete the procedure.

Are same day crowns permanent?

Yes, same day crowns are meant to be a permanent restoration. Cerec Crowns are the newest, highest quality of Emax material that is metal free. They are an excellent choice in crown materials for most teeth. However in certain situations, a Cerec Crown may not be the best choice. (example 2nd molars). Please call our office to discuss with a doctor.

Can I get a root canal and crown in the same day?

Yes, Same day crowns do allow for your dentist to do a root canal and crown on the same day. Beyond time savings this has other benefits because the quicker a crown is placed after a root canal the overall outcome improves.

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